100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks from IntenseIncense

100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks from IntenseIncense
100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks from IntenseIncense (click images to enlarge)

100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks from IntenseIncense

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Description of 100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks from IntenseIncense

Hemp Stuff are proud to stock the fantastic 100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks.

With so many available today, it is good to have a make you can trust. The 100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks is certainly that and will be a excellent buy.

For this reduced price, the 100 All Natural Intense Incense sticks is widely recommended and is a regular choice with lots of people. IntenseIncense have included some excellent touches and this results in great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

***PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT PURCHASING FROM PatriotPunks then we can NOT guarantee that you are buying IntenseIncense. *** Intense Incense is, simply put, the strongest smelling incense available today. IntenseIncense is MADE FRESH, after you order it. Most incense sold on the web and at your local flea market is made by adding a heavily diluted mixture of Fragrance Oil and cutting agents (sometimes alcohol) to an unscented punk. Our Sticks are NEVER made with alcohol and are always fully soaked with only Natural Oils. When we make our Intense Incense, we DOUBLE (sometimes Triple) the amount of Fragrance Oil we use. In addition, once the sticks are dry, we Dip them again in the same Fragrance Heavy solution to increase and enhance their strength. This process results in a product superior to any and other incense products on the web today. NOTE: Some customers have never received freshly made Incense and are a bit "put off" if the sticks are still wet or damp when they arrive. We package our sticks while they are still wet, knowing they will continue to absorb the Fragrance Oils they are made with while still in the package (assortments are allowed to dry before packaging so they do not mix with each other). IF you receive sticks that are still wet you CAN burn them, however, we strongly suggest allowing them to fully absorb their oils in order to get the best burn out of your stick. In rare cases the bags contain more oil than the stick can hold. PLEASE dry the sticks on a paper towel or newspaper should you receive a package that does not absorb all of the oils within 3 or 4 days. THANKS A LOT!

Product Features

All Natural Intense Incense Sticks. Compare to Wildberry! Made fresh by hand. Premium grade incense. 1 Bundle of (100) Intense Incense Sticks; FREE shipping on orders over $25!! 11 inch incense sticks; hand made only after order is received. If your product arrives damp or wet please allow the sticks time to dry before burning. The moisture is FRAGRANCE OIL, not water and will only make the sticks stronger if you let them dry. IntenseIncense has authoritzed PatriotPunks to sell their incense on Amazon. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. *PatriotPunks promotions, including Free Shipping offers are NOT available from other sellers.* IntenseIncense is Double Dipped in only Natural oils; FRESHLY Made Incense OIL based Incense is different than alcohol based incense in that it takes several days to fully dry. Note: Picture is of 100 sticks